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You can obtain a copy of either paper from Rebeats www. February 8, I collected my 2,th Ludwig main line drum with both a serial number and a date stamp today. This effort started just over eight years ago, so that means I am averaging just a bit under one drum a day to the list of drums which help demonstrate the relationship between the two features. I have gathered information from over 11, main line drums during that span, to allow additional investigation of how different characteristics evolved over time. That averages to 3. December Added draft of paper looking into the reasons that US drum manufacturers instituted serial numbers in the s and s. It was apparently not in response to a law or regulation as many believe. Now at reports. August 4, I continue to gather information.

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Welcome to the History of Slingerland Drums section of the web site. From here you should be able to gather information to determine what slingerland drums you have and what year they were made. What you might not know if you are new to vintage drums is that manufacturers did not keep accurate serial number records. Inventory control was not an important part of drum making.

Slingerland drum dating. The veneer is the exterior covering used to protect and color the drum. He has worked as a staff writer for the “Pensacola News.

Drums form the essential rhythm and backbone for all types of music, including rock, jazz, country, pop, and classical. You’ll find complete vintage drum sets as well as individual pieces to round out your set on eBay. Yesterday’s drum sets were simple and small compared to today’s elaborate sets. They typically included three pieces 3 pc or four pieces 4 pc , but can sometimes have five pieces 5 pc similar to today’s basic drum sets.

Read vintage drum listings carefully and examine accompanying photos to determine what comes with a vintage drum set. Some vintage drum sets only include drums while others come with everything you need to play. Be prepared to buy vintage ride cymbals , vintage crash cymbals , vintage hi-hat cymbals , vintage cymbal stands straight and boom , vintage hi-hat stands , vintage drum stands , vintage drum thrones, vintage drum pedals , vintage drum rims , and vintage drum mounts separately.

Single vintage snare drums , vintage bass drums , and vintage toms are easier to find than complete vintage drum sets. Vintage snare drums are probably the most plentiful type of vintage drum. After all, drummers always like to have more than one snare.

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Slingerland is a US manufacturer of drums. The company was founded in and enjoyed several decades of prominence in the industry before the s. After ceasing operation in the early s, Slingerland was acquired by Gibson , who briefly revived it and owned it until November of , before selling Slingerland to DW Drums , who have announced the intention of re-launching the brand.

Although primarily known for its drums, in the s Slingerland also produced electric and acoustic guitars, mandolins , banjos and ukuleles. Slingerland — in Slingerland had won a correspondence school of music in a card game aboard one of the gaming boats that once cruised Lake Michigan.

This is due to Slingerland’s occasional use of older badges and hardware on newer drums, contradictory catalog listings, special custom orders, and loose.

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Forgot your password? I recently picked up an old Slingerland bass drum and I’m having difficulty figuring out how old it is. It has the gold oval shaped badge that says it was made in Chicago which I believe was only until , then they moved to Niles , it’s 14×24, mohagany with the maple rings, the heads were painted but I can still read the Radio King stamp.

The strange thing about it is there is no tom mount, cymbal mount or spurs, and it does’nt have any holes where any of that hardware may have been removed. I’ve been looking around the net and all other slingerlands have different style lugs. I’m pretty sure the lugs on it are original but I haven’t been able to find any info on.

Conn decided to discontinue the unprofitable Leedy & Ludwig division four years later in Wm. F. Ludwig II (of the WFL drum company) and Bud Slingerland (​.

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Slingerland is a US manufacturer of drums. The company was founded in and enjoyed several decades of prominence in the industry before the s.

The History of the Slingerland Drum Company. Initially, only ukuleles, banjos and guitars were made. Drum production began in Slingerland advertisement in a May music trade magazine. Slingerland May-Bell Banjo. Slingerland Factory. The tone flange assembly consisted of a thin metal ring that was placed on flat wood screws in the top bearing edge. Its purpose was to eliminate unwanted overtones. I have never seen a Radio King thus equipped but it was possible.

Tone flanges were made from solid brass with holes, solid aluminum with holes and solid aluminum without holes. I believe the version without holes was the earlier type. Slingerland purchased the Liberty company around that time. Lipskin was a musical instrument distributor in the Midwest. Courtesy of Les Rutledge.

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Visit another page on the web site by DrCJW with more badges and detailed date information. Important Web Site Pages. Send Email. My Collection. Other Collections.

Hey! I just bought an old Slingerland Drum Kit and id like some help figuring out the details of it all. Its specs: 22″ 13″ 14″ and 16″. Black wrap.

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From to , all the Beatle gear discussed in detail! Please email Rob to check availability. Ebook versions are available from Amazon and Hudson Music. Here is a hard rock memoir — essentially an authorized bio on the endearing British rock band Humble Pie — as told from the drum throne and backstage hallways during the emerging days of the Seventies classic rock era. He had just turned Along with bassist Greg Ridley, and manager Dee Anthony, the Pie started a 6-year journey that stormed the US and defined Arena Rock — bigger sound, bigger contracts, and bigger parties.

Works in Progress. Drum Drum Form. Drum Drums. Drum Badges. Drum Hardware. Drum Finishes. Serial Numbers. Company Time Line. Slingerland Drums.

The drums pictured below fall into several different categories. The instruments listed at the very top of the page are the ones I use most frequently for orchestral playing. Some of these instruments are antiques and some of these are modern instruments. Towards the middle of the page are a handful of drums which are very much playable but are in my collection more as pieces representative of the era in which they were constructed. These drums were built in the s and s and are more at home in jazz and rock idioms.

Nearer to the bottom of the page are drums which I collect almost purely for their historical significance. Drums such as these make up the majority of my personal collection. While many of these instruments are still playable, others have outlived their usefulness as practical musical instruments and now live to serve purely as historical examples of the companies which built them.

Most of the antiques I seek out and preserve were made in Boston, Massachusetts during the late 19th and early 20th centuries and represent a lost chapter in the history of American drum building. This has become my go to drum for general orchestral playing. Built from a black nickel plated brass shell, it is an all metal drum with individually adjustable cable and wire snare units.

This is a crisp, powerful instrument with a sound that only brass can provide – not too dark and ‘woofy’ but not too bright or thin.

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He shares amazing stories about his time he had with the chief, and his four decade career in the drum industry with Ludwig, and also Premier and Slingerland. This episode is a great blueprint for how to work your way up the ladder in the drum industry while treating everyone with respect. Jim is basically a member of the Ludwig family and is full of behind the scenes stories that you wont hear from anyone else. North drums are some of the most unique looking drums ever made.

They are horn shaped fiberglass drums that were made between the late 60’s through the early 90’s and were created by my guest, Roger North. Early on, Roger played the first North Drums tom on stage at Woodstock with his band Quill before he ever actually went into production and created the business.

Keep Checking Back, and I’ll keep Up-Dating as I get “The New Old Stuff”. Here’s What I’ve Got ‘s Slingerland Chrome Over Brass Snare Drum. “Sold”.

This new division became operational in The concept can be attributed to George Way, although Way was not responsible for the final engineering which proved to be lacking, and the line was a spectacular and expensive failure. Knob Tension drums were discontinued within a year. The Ludwig family got the Ludwig name back, and Slingerland purchased rights to the Leedy name.

Ludwig and Slingerland spent weeks going through the plant to debate the division of tools, equipment, and inventory. Slingerland tried to introduce Leedy as a second line. They wanted to sell Slingerland drums to the top dealer in each town, and Leedy to the secondary dealers, leaving Ludwig the third-tier dealers. That plan did not work out.

The Slingerland Book Complete business history and drum dating guide

On loan from Charlie Benton Loan It began production in the s and was available for several decades in a multitude of sizes and designs, always capitalizing on the popular name of Gene Krupa. The early design of the drum featured a solid maple shell The cylindrical body of the drum, usually made from plywood. These wires


Collecting vintage drums Biographies of famous drummers History of the drum companies and the industry We ship fast and directly from Amsterdam to you. Please email your questions or orders here. Complete business history and dating guide. Complete view of Italian drum and cymbal makers. Written in English and Italian. Wonderful book featuring the great Italian designs of drummakers in the past and present. The Ludwig Book by Rob Cook, pages, 64 pages full color.

Complete business history and dating guide for all catalogued snare drums, outfits, and production clues such as badges, colors, etc. Ludwig most previously published. Ludwig II; The most famous name on drums tells his own story, from childhood to today. Ludwig catalog reproduction First Ludwig catalog!

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