The database, built-in collaboration with IDfuse, has around , publications, , projects and academic startups, making scientific research and academic networks accessible to partners from the business community and government. The database is the first of its kind worldwide and a joint initiative of Techleap. The ScienceFinder makes it clear to business and government partners where relevant knowledge is present within the knowledge institutions. It thus contributes to cooperation between business and knowledge institutions. The ScienceFinder allows the user to easily search a database for relevant information about research activities in the Netherlands. For example, if you search for ‘artificial intelligence’ you will get an overview of the state of affairs in this area with an overview of activities per university. The ScienceFinder can also be used to analyze breakthrough technologies, such as: where are the scientists actively developing proof of concepts for a certain technology?

Matchmaking Event Cybersecurity Call for Proposals – Digital Security & Privacy

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At the meeting, NWO will give a in depth presentation on the criteria and evaluation process. Also, you will have the opportunity to meet (other) people in the field.

NWO launches a new research programme on the innovation of supervision, initiated by the associations of Dutch government inspectorates and market regulators, and part of the Dutch Research Agenda NWA. A matchmaking meeting will take place on 24 March for all interested researchers and professionals in the field of regulation and enforcement.

This NWA research programme on innovation of supervision focuses on fundamental and cross-domain questions about the future of regulation and enforcement: questions that are inherent to the profession of supervision in a changing society. The call for proposals will be published at the beginning of February and focuses on research themes that are based on the Wetenschapsagenda toezicht Themes are clustered in:.

Researchers and professionals in the field of supervision and enforcement are challenged to come up with stimulating research proposals related to one or more of these themes. The programme has more than four million euros available for three interdisciplinary and knowledge chain-wide consortia and an overarching project. Both researchers and professionals in the field of supervision and enforcement are encouraged to jointly form consortia and submit a proposal. An important moment in this process is a matchmaking meeting on 24 March, during the Toezichtsfestival.

During this meeting there is opportunity for researchers and professionals to get to know each other and to explore the possibilities for forming consortia. More information about the program, the call for proposals and the program of the matchmaking meeting will be announced soon through the usual channels of NWO.

NWO Matchmaking workshop: Photosynthesis call

NWO makes 3 million euros available for research into digitisation issues at the interface of citizenship, new types of governance, identity and participation. Digitisation has become part and parcel of our society. There is a growing, unnoticed incorporation of technology in our daily lives, thinking and actions.

On the one hand, the deployment of ICT as a key technology offers opportunities to enrich our lives, create new opportunities and tackle societal challenges. On the other hand, the interwovenness of digitisation with our everyday lives means that public values such as privacy, security, equal treatment and autonomy are coming under pressure.

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Jump to content. This matchmaking event brings together stakeholders in the field of energy innovation to prepare a Call for Proposals for Materials for energy Sustainability M4S. We invite you as a stakeholder in the field of energy innovation, to briefly pitch your idea, your question, your challenge or your envisioned gamechanger, and to speed-date with prospective research partners who can enhance your probability of success.

We will also briefly present the conditions for applying as a consortium and the procedure of granting. The Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research conducts leading fundamental research in the fields of fusion energy and solar fuels, in close partnership with academia and industry. To successfully transfer fundamental insights to society at large, we are actively building an energy science society through the formation of multidisciplinary networks.

Mail address P. Events Sharing knowledge.

Matchmaking Event NWO National Cybersecurity Call: 13 november

The entire knowledge chain is represented. The added value of the consortium must arise from the joint approach to research, while the individual strengths and expertise of the participants demonstrably reinforce each other. For this reason, NWO is not organising a separate round for This budget is higher than in previous years. Submitting an application starts with the submission of an initiative.

This NWO matchmaking event is on Degradation and Reliability of Organic Materials and is open to researchers, academic staff, graduate.

Matchmaking To bring academic, public and private parties together, as well as different research disciplines, the NWO subdivisions mentioned above organize a matchmaking event, which will be held 13 November in New Babylon, The Hague. Consortia Communities associated with the stakeholders mentioned above are invited to participate. This includes not only academic researchers but also researchers from universities of applied science as well as representatives from public and private enterprises.

Om Nederland digitaal koploper van Europa te houden, moeten bedrijven, consumenten en overheden sneller en innovatiever inspelen op het hoge tempo waarmee maatschappij en economie digitaliseren. Het k Dat blijkt uit de jaarlijkse, toonaange Vanmorgen werden de bevindingen in het eindrapport ‘Update vereist’ gepresenteerd door Kathalijne Buitenweg, Tweede Kamerlid voor GroenLinks en voorzitter van de tijdelijke commissie.

Een belangrijke Share this page. Ook interessant. Lees meer. Tijdelijke commissie Digitale Toekomst presenteert aanbevelingen 28 May Vanmorgen werden de bevindingen in het eindrapport ‘Update vereist’ gepresenteerd door Kathalijne Buitenweg, Tweede Kamerlid voor GroenLinks en voorzitter van de tijdelijke commissie. Meer nieuws.

NWO Funding Opportunities (NWA route Big Data)

Our ambition is to create a closed material flow using bio plastic to print everyday tools and parts that can be reused Reuse or redesigned Reboot over time. How it started? Read More.

, Dutch universities, and TNO launch the world’s first matchmaking tool for scientists and industry. Rutger Huizenga. Wednesday.

Researchers from knowledge institutions recognised by NWO, TO2 institutions and universities of applied sciences, can submit proposals in this call in the area of energy system integration and digitization. A total of 4. Interested parties can register for the information and matchmaking meeting to be held on May The system as a whole is central here, not specific parts. Another aim of the call is to make digital technologies for energy system integration widely available.

The call is relevant for researchers in science and technology disciplines such as mathematics, computer science, electrical engineering, physics and chemistry , as well as the disciplines in the social sciences and humanities. Researchers from knowledge institutions recognised by NWO can submit as a main applicant or a co-applicant, and can request funding for PhDs or postdocs. Researchers from universities of applied sciences and TO2 institutions can also apply for salary costs.

They can only act as co-applicants. An eScience Research Engineer will be added to each project awarded funding. Each proposal should therefore contain an approach for the eScience component of the research. Furthermore, proposals should have a design that is as multidisciplina as possible. The information about conditions for the call is subject to change.

Coming up: NWO Matchmaking Event: Degradation and Reliability of Organic Materials

Each pillar funds research through multiple programmes. Life Sciences applications are usually within the aim of the pillar Applied and Engineering Sciences. Programmes that fund research in this domain are:. Criteria are excellent scientific quality and utilization and the call is characterized by an absence of disciplinary boundaries.

To assure utilization, a user committee must be installed, consisting of at least four users, of which at least two companies. Read more about this call or visit the NWO website.

Matchmaking Day Mission oriented NWO Calls. NWO Calls NWO. MOOI. DEI+ EIA. Hernieuwbare Energie. MIA/Vamil. WBSO.

NWO has opened a call for a single proposal containing three small projects 50k Euro each within the context of each NWA route. The official call can be found here. Inald Lagendijk is invited to submit the eligible proposal. The management of the route has formulated an open and transparent process to select the three project to be included in the proposal.

If you wish to submit a ‘Big Data’ proposal for a 50k Euro project plan in the context of this NWA small projects call, please follow the procedure outlined on this page. Deadline for your submission is September 18, After submission of the Initiative, the main applicant – or another participant in the consortium – has to take part in a Matchmaking Event of the indicated primary NWA-route.

If you plan to submit an Initiative, then please mark this date in your agenda. If you are not planning to submit an Initiative, you are still welcome to the Matchmaking event. In this case, registration is required via de NWO website. Read out. Data Science Center in Health.


TU Delft and the Vereniging Deltametropool have created a consortium of academic and social partners to meet the need for a new model of spatial planning that will keep the Netherlands at the forefront of practice in territorial governance. The project aims to break through the current impasse in the governance of the Dutch territory, and provide a roadmap for the transition of planning institutions towards a new model.

The project is aimed to be realized by the NWO Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research grant as well as co-financing from various partners.

NWO will publish the submitted initiatives online in October and will organise a matchmaking meeting with each NWA route at the end of.

New technological developments such as Artificial Intelligence AI , Internet of Things, Big Data, and Blockchain can solve problems and help realise shared values and ideals. At the same time, other public values are at stake, such as privacy, security, and democracy. How can these values be taken into account in a transparent and responsible way in designing and implementing new systems, applications, models and protocols?

What solutions are there for fundamental conflicts of values in the digital society? This research programme is part of the larger NWO-programme Responsible Innovation MVI , in which research is carried out into the societal and ethical aspects of new technologies. Room for four new research projects, in collaboration with private organisations. The budget of this new programme is over three million euro. This means that four research project can start with a maximum budget of By investing in the project, companies and other parties have the opportunity to be the first to make use of the newest insights.

To stimulate this, all parties that are involved in one of the research projects are part of a valorisation committee, where ideas can be exchanged on the progress of the research and the possibilities for valorisation. In the morning of Friday April 12, the parties who initiated the research programme as well as the researchers who are working on project proposals come together in The Hague. Is your company interested in the themes of the programme? We warmly invite you to join the meeting!

Matchmaking HBO-WO (Call Living Labs in the Dutch Delta)

Kijk hier voor corona-gerelateerd nieuws uit de hightech sector. The scope of the call includes Design and characterisation of electrochemical cells that can operate under extreme conditions, system design and development. The purpose of the matchmaking event is to facilitate consortium forming. Storage and conversion is the storage of renewable electricity in chemical compounds.

NWO Research and Matchmaking. Developments – TU Delft and the Vereniging Deltametropool have created a consortium of academic and social.

These five teams will organise activities like workshops and exchanges with researchers and stakeholders from Brazil, China, Indonesia, India, Russia, South Africa or Turkey. The Netherlands wants to intensify or improve diplomatic relations with this form of ‘science diplomacy’. The new Science Diplomacy Fund aims to fund scientific activities that can potentially positively contribute to improving diplomatic relations between the Netherlands and partner countries.

Activities like workshops, seminars, and exchanges also contribute to the visibility and international position of Dutch science, and to scientific cooperation between the two countries. Since imperial times, in Northeast Brazil public policies for dealing with drought have included technological interventions such as dams, inter-basin water transfer, pipelines, deep wells, shallow wells, cisterns, and desalination systems.

Although partly successful, these interventions have largely failed to serve many remote rural communities. For these communities we propose alternative innovative technological solutions, such as Air-to-Water and Compact Water Treatment equipment. To promote and accelerate its urgently required widespread implementation throughout northeast Brazil we propose a matchmaking event for Dutch and Brazilian researchers, public and private key players in proactive drought management, and entrepreneurs developing these low-cost technological solutions.

Lisa Becking, assistant professor, Marine Animal Ecology group. Indonesia has the highest coral reef biodiversity in the world. These reefs are a focal point for conservation as well as for tourism. Combining the expertise of Indonesian and Dutch scientists, educators, conservationists, and policymakers, we want to understand how the richest reefs of the world can stay resilient to climate change under increasing pressure from tourism.

Prophecy for the NWO